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Bare Bottomed Baby

As Mackenzie grows, our cloth diapering adventures continue. I rarely (ever? never?) post pictures of Mackenzie without her diaper and some clothes on for privacy reasons. In fact, we’re pretty modest in general, and she is nearly always fully clothed, even at home. But…

June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to My One and Only

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet husband’s 29th birthday. It was a grown-up, dad-of-an-infant kind of birthday, with dinner served quickly and sandwiched in between Mackenzie’s dinner and bedtime. For dessert I made dark chocolate brownies served with mint chocolate chip ice cream… which we…

June 9, 2011
you capture

{You Capture} Motherhood

Last week’s You Capture theme was Motherhood. How in the world do you capture that? Motherhood is beautiful. And fierce. Protective. Nurturing. Life-changing. Check out more You Capture posts from this week’s assignment here.…

May 16, 2011
Family Mackenzie


November was for… trying new things. not sleeping and pushing our limits. getting off track and finding our way back again. making memories. exploring what it means to be Three, and how to just be us Two again, sometimes, too. sleeping a little more…

November 30, 2010