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November 30, 2010

November was for…

trying new things.

not sleeping and pushing our limits.

getting off track and finding our way back again.

making memories.

exploring what it means to be Three, and how to just be us Two again, sometimes, too.

sleeping a little more sometimes and making up for no-sleep nights with LOTS of smiles.

Mackenzie will be two months old tomorrow. I learned so much about her this month — especially in the last two weeks. She is so healthy and resilient. I’m learning what works for her and how to parent her in a way that’s best for her.

I learned a lot about myself as a mom and wife, too. Mostly I learned to trust my instincts. I’ve read and am reading some great parenting books, and research every little thing that comes up, but at the end of the day, it is up to Chris and me to decide what is best for her and for us as a family.

November was hard, but it made me stronger and more confident. December, here’s lookin’ at you. Bring it on.

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    Oh, I love how you wrote this!


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