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{Weekend Reading} Save for a Rainy Day

It’s raining in Nashville, literally and figuratively. Chris and I save a little money out of every paycheck, and it seems that anytime our little savings account starts to grow, it’s time to repair the Jeep again. This morning it was the alternator. It’s…

May 3, 2013
Life Mackenzie

Daughters of the King

Two (and a half!) year old girls are full of wonderful surprises. Today when we told Mackenzie it was time to get dressed to go, she came out of her room wearing her train hat on backwards, her heart-covered Elmo shirt, skinny jeans, black…

February 9, 2013

Weighty Issues

“You’re not fat, you’re just… wide.” A “good” friend told me this once. I was 21. A few of my friends have had the honest to goodness guts to post about this recently, and since it’s been weighing on my mind, I thought I’d…

August 18, 2011
Going Green Life

Green Opportunities

Sometimes new opportunities beget new words, like ecopreneur. Check out this story in the May edition of Natural Awakenings: Women Ecopreneurs Create a Better World. Some very interesting info here about new opportunities for women in the new, green world. According to the article, women-owned businesses…

May 6, 2008