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May 6, 2008

Sometimes new opportunities beget new words, like ecopreneur.

Check out this story in the May edition of Natural Awakenings: Women Ecopreneurs Create a Better World.

Some very interesting info here about new opportunities for women in the new, green world. According to the article, women-owned businesses are increasing at twice the national rate. And, these new businesses are driven by a rather unorthodox business methodology:

“These female ecopreneurs don’t judge success by typical business standards. Rather than accumulating assets and corporate drones, they tend to keep operations lean, local and sustainable. America’s race for endless growth and profits yields to devotion to an unbeatable quality of life. They move forward intentionally, playing by their own rules and priorities, often working from home, surrounded by their family.”

There is certainly power and often profit to be made when you connect your passion and skills with your values.

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