{Weekend Reading} Save for a Rainy Day

May 3, 2013

It’s raining in Nashville, literally and figuratively. Chris and I save a little money out of every paycheck, and it seems that anytime our little savings account starts to grow, it’s time to repair the Jeep again. This morning it was the alternator. It’s disappointing, but I’m thankful that we have the resources to absorb the impact.

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been reading this week.

  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’m really enjoying this book. It’s directed toward women who let internal barriers keep them from pursuing the highest levels of corporate leadership. I don’t think corporate leadership is for me, but it’s a fascinating read.
  • Artful Blogging. I was skeptical of a magazine about blogging, but this one is full of inspiration for creative bloggers and beautiful imagery. I was also delighted to find an article by my photographer friend Dianne Poinski. I interviewed her for Creative Perch back in the day. It’s so exciting to see her sharing her gifts.
  • This article about early retirement on Design Mom sparked a lot of strong opinions by readers, but I loved reading all the stories of folks who are living outside of the box.
  • I bought a bookshelf last week and finally unpacked most of my books. So many favorites – it was like seeing old friends again. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was eleven year old. I’m a huge fan. These Jane Austen-inspired illustrations over at Pemberly Pond make my knees weak just a little bit.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! I’d love to hear about what you’re reading lately. 🙂

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