31 Days of Giving

January 1, 2011

It’s that time of year when the official “giving season” has ended and we all check our bank balances, tighten our belts, and put away our pocketbooks. The problem with end-of-year giving is that needs are still present in January, and coats are needed in February just as much as they are needed at Christmastime.

So, in an effort to cultivate selflessness in our hearts and continue in a spirit of generosity, Chris and I are kicking off 2011 with 31 Days of Giving. Our guidelines are simple: just find a way to give. It can be a meal or a cup of coffee or a tank of gas. It can even be time spent with a lonely neighbor. But everyday for the month of January, we want to find a way to give. The point for us is to live with open hands.

We’re going to do our best to find ways to document the month, either via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or this blog. We’ll also tag our giving adventures on Twitter with the hashtag #31DaysofGiving.

Want to join us? Post a link in the comments and share your own giving adventures!

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