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Snow Day

January 10, 2011

We had a beautiful snow day in Nashville today. The accumulation wasn’t a record by any means, but it was enough to get out and play in.

I was so much fun bundling Mackenzie up in her snow suit and the hat I made for her. I can’t believe it already fits!

Chris was determined to sled down our little hill. He made a sled that we need to perfect a little bit more, but we used the tray from Annie’s kennel instead. The snow pack was pretty wet, but with a little extra push, it worked! We both took Mackenzie down our little “bunny slope” – so much fun!

After that we took Mackenzie inside to play in her crib for a bit while we played with the dogs and built a snowman. It was the biggest snowman I have ever built. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very stable and has already fallen over. I guess our snowman building skills are a bit rusty.

We really don’t play outside with Annie and Sydney as much as we used to, and they needed some time with us. The could have cared less about the snowman, but they loved catching and then eating snowballs.

I haven’t played in the snow like we did today in years. It was great! I can’t wait to celebrate with Chris and Mackenzie many more magical days like this one.

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