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{You Capture} Circles

January 22, 2011

The theme for this week’s You Capture is Circles, and since Beth first posted the topic, I have been looking for circles everywhere. In the everydayness of our lives, I tend to see them in one of three places.

I love the little polka dots on Mackenzie’s super soft sleepers. When I pick her up, she is so snuggly, and I love that they keep her warm at night and seem to help her sleep.

Chris picked out this comforter for our room a couple of months ago. I really don’t like it. It’s big and black with white modern circles, but the fabric is like a lint trap. He wins this one, though… Well, basically because I gave up.

Also? I rely on at least two cups of repeatedly reheated coffee to get me through the day. At least.

I’m participating in You Capture! It’s totally free and just a way to stay motivated to take pictures every week. You can join, too! Learn more at

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