Three Good Things

August 14, 2011

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for my first public Three Good Things list. 🙂

It has been really interesting trying to write down three good, specific things at the end of each day. More challenging than I expected. Here are my top three picks for this week:

  1. We had a fantastic trip with Mackenzie to the Nashville Zoo on Saturday. We went to every single exhibit we could find, including the larakeet cage, but our favorite animals were the giraffes.
  2. I bought a bottle of our favorite wine and some new kinds of chocolate to try for an at-home Friday night date with Chris. We also made a new kind of risotto with bacon and cheddar cheese. The whole meal was creative and delicious and a great way to let go of a crazy week.
  3. I received some great feedback on a website project from an outside consultant. I’ve been working with the client for a while, so it was great to be affirmed and also challenged with an outside perspective. I really value experiences like that, especially since I work primarily on my own.

Will you share your Good Things List? What was the best part of your week?

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  • Reply Matt Moore August 14, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    1. Made it through the week with Archer.

    2. Successfully made some headway on a work project that’s been slow-going for two years.

    3. Ran 5 out of 7 days.


    Dee Reply:

    Hey, Matt! Thanks for your comment and for sharing your list. Good on you for running! I ran for the first time in a year yesterday. So sore today! And don’t worry – the “made it through” part with Archer won’t last forever. Soon the days will feel shorter and you’ll wonder where the week went. For the longest time, I counted Mackenzie’s age in shifts of hours, then days, then weeks. We’re into months now, and soon it will be years. Parenthood feels like time travel. It’s crazy.


  • Reply keli August 15, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    1. completed another week of half-marathon training

    2. no one got sick this week!!

    3. paid off more hospital bills from lucy’s birth [only one left!!!]


    Dee Reply:

    YAY for paying off medical bills! 🙂


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