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Mackenzie Now {Three Years}

September 30, 2013

It’s been a while since I wrote a “Mackenzie Now” post. I’ve been meaning, too, but she’s changing so fast, and the words I planned to write don’t seem to fit anymore. But I’m learning that’s the way it is with toddlers. Growing, amazing, so beautiful, always changing. Like a star shooting through the sky.

We are celebrating Mackenzie’s THIRD(!) birthday tomorrow. On Saturday we threw a little party for her and her friends, and we had so much fun. It was a train-themed party, and I’m excited to share all of the details in a separate post once I have all of my pictures and files together. Mackenzie loves trains as much as ever, so we opted for a little party in the park and had a kiddie train come and give the kids rides for two hours. Absolute heaven for our little M, not to mention all of the amazing gifts she received from her friends. We were seriously blown away.

And then yesterday, Lea gave me a little book she is working on as a keepsake for Mackenzie. The book is a look into who Mackenzie is now, what she loves, and some of the little moments between the two of them. It is so, so sweet. I teared up reading it. I’m so thankful for the special bond that Lea and Mackenzie share.







So here is my own little shout-out to my girl. Mackenzie, doll, I love you.

My Dear Mackenzie…

You are so vocal, so detailed and clear about what you mean. Your dad and I are amazed about how well you can vocalize your thoughts, and the thoughts you put together. You reason so well for such a tiny little person. You are so, so smart.

You can count to eleven on your own, and you know most of your ABCs. You understand that letters form words, and words have meaning. You already like to “read.” You recognize letters, and you know they go with certain words — M is for Mackenzie, S is for smile, L is for Lea, T is for train, D is for Daddy.

You’re an optimist. Problems aren’t mountains to you. If we run into a road bump, you look for a way around it, or an upside. Or you say, “But it’s okay! It will get better!” Or if we (you) have an accident, you put your hand on my arm, tilt your head, and say, “It’s okay.” You don’t let things hold you back.

You always want to help. You run off to feed the dogs if I mention that Annie is hungry. You pull ingredients out of the pantry. You get yourself into and out of your bath. You try to change your own diaper after nap time. You dress yourself, and the outfits you put together are complete with all the accessories. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

And whatever we are doing, you can guarantee there will be singing. And dancing. You sing while you play with your dolls, while you are cleaning up, while you are playing with your toys, while we are driving the same old drive to and from school. There is music in your heart.

When you want to get our attention, you say, “Hey, you guys!” And when you REALLY want to get my attention you say, “Hey, Dee Wilcox!” I love to hear you say, “Wilcox.” 🙂

You love to play with your baby dolls, and you are so gentle and kind with them. You love your trains, especially Thomas, and you are starting to really like princess things. When we turned on Cinderella the other day, you said, “Hi, Princess!”

You love to play, and you are GREAT at sharing. Even at your birthday party, you shared a brand new toy from Aunt Lea with a little baby that was starting to fuss. You looked at me and said, “Baby is sad.” But she had fun playing with your new dominoes, and you had fun helping her open them. You know when things are yours, but you’re not selfish with them. I brought a special treat of strawberry Pocky sticks home for you yesterday, and after tasting one, you asked me if I wanted to try one. I said, “No, that’s okay, they’re for you.” But you pulled out one each for me and Daddy anyway, and said, “Here you go. Try it!”

You are still shy and reserved in big crowds and around people that you are uncertain about. When you feel secure, your confidence blossoms, and you’re the life of the party. I like that about you. You hold back until you feel safe, and then you love and live without reservation. Once someone is “in” with you, they’re in for good.

You love fiercely. You are like your Daddy and Aunt Lea that way. You give the best hugs, and you hang on for dear life. You are so fun to snuggle, but you’re as happy caring for others as you are being cared for.

You always want me to carry you. You understand that my arms get tired sometimes, and you’ve figured out when one arm needs to take a break. You tilt your head and say, “But your other arm isn’t tired.” Clearly you are too smart and too big for me to carry you so much, but I have to admit, I love the hugs and snuggles, and I’ll enjoy them as long as they last.

The other day I told you I just wasn’t strong enough to carry you so much, and you said, “But you still love me, though.” And I said, “I love you SO MUCH.” You tilted your head and thought about that for a minute, and then you said, “But Daddy is strong enough. Daddy can carry me.”

Oh, sweet girl. Always.

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    Wow, time sure flies! I love that your little girl has music in her heart.


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