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Ideas for Mackenzie’s New Room

January 28, 2014

I have always had so much fun decorating Mackenzie’s room. I’m glad to leave the rest of the house to Chris and his aesthetic, but I really, really enjoy brainstorming and working on Mackenzie’s room. It’s an opportunity to have fun and play and create a space where imagination thrives.

For months while we were house-hunting, I talked to Mackenzie about how we would be moving and we would be able to paint her room whatever color she wanted. And whenever I asked her what color, her first response was always, “Orange!” And then, “And pink and purple and green… I like all the colors!”

Chris vetoed an orange room without hesitation. I showed him some ideas that still had a heavy orange emphasis, and he just wasn’t going for it.

And then, one day while Mackenzie and I were looking at ideas for her room on my phone instead of napping, we found this room pinned on Pinterest. She loved it, and after a little digging and magic Google translating, I found this fabric. It’s called Jurmo, and it’s by Marimekko.

Jurmo by Marimekko

Jurmo by Marimekko

Doesn’t it suit Mackenzie’s personality perfectly? I just love it.

Unfortunately, the price tag is a little out of my range, especially for a DIY project. So, I’ve decided to recreate the curtains by stenciling a similar pattern onto some old white tab-top cotton canvas curtains Chris and I bought at Pottery Barn for our first house in Colorado Springs. I think it will be really pretty.

There are two other elements I am really excited about adding to her room. First, a little reading nook and bookshelves like these:

And finally, eventually, a closet-turned-playhouse like this one.

I am so excited about the possibilities. Lots of projects, but planning and dreaming about fun projects like these keeps me going through the tile-and-grout scrubbing days we’re in right now. 🙂

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  • Reply Hope February 22, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Our daughter’s room is green, but it has lots of orange accents. I had an orange room in high school and loved it. It’s my favorite color. 😉


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