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We’re Still Here

January 21, 2014


Hello, friends! Just a quick update to let you know, that no, we haven’t fallen off the map, and yes, we’re still here.

In our little rental, that is.

It’s hard to believe that today commemorates four years of living in Nashville.


Four years of recovery and building our foundations up again, of growing our family, and sticking it out on this crazy journey of faith. At times it seems so safe and mainstream, quaint, really, and other times, it feels like living on the edge of the great, wide unknown.

And here we are in the cusp of buying our first home in Nashville and planting our feet. No more wavering or questioning. We’re putting down roots.

The process has been incredibly strenuous. Buying a 114 year-old house is way more intense than buying new construction, and we have felt the weight of every decision and every step.


I lie awake at night planning the garden and arranging furniture and reminding myself that this whole process will be worth it. And Chris feels the weight in an entirely different way.


We’re packing and cleaning while trying to keep some semblance of our normal routine. The end is in sight, though. Just one week until moving day!

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