Dance It Out

May 5, 2008

Sometimes when my head is so full I can hardly sort out all my thoughts, I like to take a hot bath and just not think. But sometimes, taking a hot bath or any other kind of relaxing activity just won’t do. There is too much quiet and too much time to think. In these situations, something more is required to work out the tension and sort out the crazy thoughts.

And there’s just one thing to do: Dance It Out.

I’m not talking about Dancing with the Stars action here, or even clubbing.  I’m talking about dancing in your socks on the kitchen tile with the music really loud. I’m talking about dancing to your song, whether it’s I Will Survive or even an 80’s childhood throw-back. For me, it’s The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. Some of the upbeat tunes from The Weepies and even The Postal Service will do it for me, too.

I believe that everyone has a song… or at least that everyone should have a song. I’d love to hear what your song is.  And if you need some help figuring out what your theme song is, check out this silly quiz:

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