12 Weeks

March 27, 2010

Yesterday Chris and I went to our twelve-week OB appointment, and it was by far my favorite so far. No blood tests or awkwardness this time, AND we got to hear the baby’s heart beat for the first time.

It was such a crazy moment. I had a closet fear that we wouldn’t be able to hear it (I admit it, I was rehearsing lines from Marley and Me in my head), and then when a rapid-fire heart beat came through on the speaker, I could hardly believe it. It really sunk in when our doctor moved the instrument so that we could hear my heart beat and then moved it back over to the baby. The baby’s heartbeat sounded twice as fast as mine and was strong and undeniable. Beautiful. We also heard him or her move around, which was equally crazy and super cute.

After the appointment I felt so overwhelmed by the fact that our baby’s little heart is beating so hard, and this little life is fighting so hard just to be. It really is miraculous, and it makes me want to fight even harder out here in the world, to really believe and engage in this thing called Life.

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