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May 19, 2010

Today Chris and I turned in our intent to vacate our apartment on July 18. Sixty days from now, we will be in a house… somewhere. 🙂 I spent a couple of hours house-hunting online today and finally found a few options that I think might work.

When we move into a house, we’ll start buying nursery stuff and setting up for the baby. We’ve known that from the beginning, so I haven’t allowed myself to get too excited. Even if I found something to buy right now, I would have nowhere to store it. BUT, we find out the gender on Friday morning, so it’s time to start getting our plans together.

Me and Wee

I found this blog last summer, and I absolutely love it. Her nursery design is my absolute favorite of all the ones I have seen so far. (You can see more pictures of the nursery in Megan’s Flickr photostream.) Our friends Kevin and Holly are giving us their white crib, so I hope to incorporate some of the great ideas here in our own nursery. For one, I love the shelving and dresser set up, and I plan to do something similar with furniture from IKEA. Chris loves the big fluffy white rug, so we’ll probably get a similar wool one from IKEA, too.

I also love that Megan re-covered a chair for the nursery. I am really not a fan of gliders or wooden rocking chairs, so I’ve been on the look out for an old man chair at second hand stores that I can reupholster (or pay to have reupholstered) to match our nursery decor.

Smiley Walls

I discovered Smiley Walls on Etsy just yesterday, and I love the idea of vinyl that we can apply and take down when we move. Since we have decided to hold off on buying a house in Nashville for a while (if at all), our decorations need to be easy to apply and remove, without damaging the walls.

Fréya Art

I absolutely love Fréya’s prints on Etsy. I ordered a custom version of this print for our sixth wedding anniversary, and I’ve always hoped to add this print to our nursery decor. Don’t you love it??

Sooo… what’s your wager? Do you think we’re having a boy or a girl? Less than 48 hours until we find out!

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  • Reply Jane May 21, 2010 at 2:15 am

    I love this room too! I posted about it here The Freya print is very sweet – looking forward to seeing how you decorate your nursery. Good luck with the move! 🙂


    Dee Reply:

    Thanks, Jane!


  • Reply Julia May 25, 2010 at 9:29 am

    SO excited for ya’ll! The nursery ideas are beautiful! With your creativity, it will be breathtaking for sure. It’s so fun to plan for your little bundle of joy. Miss you girl!


    Dee Reply:

    Thanks, Julia! I love how you did Mia’s crib. I’m still torn between these colors or going with pink and white for Mackenzie. I guess we’ll wait and see until we move into a house this summer. 🙂


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