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80 Days

July 19, 2010

Just 80 days left.

80 days to finish setting up the nursery.

80 days to plan and attend baby showers in two different states.

80 days to wrap my mind around how our world is going to change when our family of two becomes a family of three. Plus two dogs.

When I read the blogs of other expectant moms, I often feel like they are so prepared. Like they have this thing down already. Whether it’s number one or two or three for them, it all just seems to flow naturally.

There are nights when I’m starting to fall asleep and when Mackenzie starts kicking that I think it’s still something I ate that’s not going down right. Or when I walk past the crib in the nursery and think, “What’s that doing here?”

But it was a beautiful moment yesterday morning before church when I walked out of our bedroom to see Chris putting the finishing touches on the crib. And today, watching him put sheets on the mattress. We made ourselves late for church yesterday because we couldn’t wait to tie on the crib bumper and set out the blanket we made for her.

It’s an exciting time, but it’s scary and surreal, too. The words to that Needtobreathe song are going through my head a lot lately.

Because I need more time
Just a few more months
And we’ll be fine

And then I think about the fact that in 80 days, our little pumpkin will be here. The leaves will be falling, and we’ll be dressing her up for her first pictures, taking her to her first football game, and sharing her with her great-grandma. I can’t wait.

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  • Reply Wanda/Mom July 20, 2010 at 8:14 am

    This is a beautiful post!

    I do want to say that though it seems other expectant mothers seem to have it all together, they probably feel just like you do right now.

    I love you!


    Dee Reply:

    Thanks, Mom! I’m sure you’re right. 🙂


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