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December 2, 2010

First Megan did it, then Keli, and then Erica.

The days seem so full and go by so quickly that at the end of the day, I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened. So yesterday I tracked it, minute by minute. I’ll warn you, there is a lot of repetition. Here we go:


10:30p on 11/30: Bed & sleeping.
11:30p Wake up to nurse Mackenzie. She is fussing.
12:05 Finished nursing Mackenzie and put her back in her crib. Decided to try to go back to bed instead of sleeping in chair & waiting for inevitable wakeup. Maybe tonight she will sleep.
12:05-12:20 Edit & publish blog post.
12:20-12:40 Check Twitter/blogs.
12:40-12:43 Hungry. Eat one of Grandma Wilcox’s cookies, consider a PB&J. Walk by crib on way to kitchen. M is sleeping and moaning softly. Go back to bed. Inform Sydney she cannot have my cookie.
12:43-3:39 Sleeping
3:39-5:10 M is crying. Pick her up – she’s soaked and cheeks & hands are cold. I hate when she’s cold. Change diaper, outfit. Still crying. Chris wakes up & offers to help. I ask him to pull off sheet & waterproof cover. He pulls off sheet, insists that’s all that’s there. I know better but don’t say anything because it’s 4 in the morning, thank him anyway. Nurse M until she falls back asleep. Set her on chair while I pull off WP cover. Amazingly, she’s still asleep. Put her back in crib with blanket. She stretches & fusses. I wonder how long this will last and get comfy in chair to update Minutes. I am wide awake; Sydney is, too, and comes and checks on me – lays down on the rug in M’s room.
5:09-5:19 M fusses in crib. Sit in chair & listen, check email on my phone.
5:18 M is getting quiet. Maybe she’s asleep?
5:26 M is awake. Pick her up, try to nurse her, but she falls asleep. Rock her until 6.
6:10 – Put sleepy (asleep?) M back in crib. Creep back to bed. She starts fussing loudly. I ask Chris to get her; he brings her to bed, holds her for a bit, then puts her next to me. She’s still fussing.
6:30-7? M and Chris are both awake. M’s cries sound like pain. Chris pedals one leg, I pedal the other. Doesn’t work. Try nursing her; she is done less than 10 minutes later & semi-falls asleep.
7-7:50 Attempt sleeping and comforting sleepy fussy M. We do not co-sleep her, but I am desperate.
7:50 M is awake & semi-happy, semi-fussy. Spits up twice. I ask Chris to check her diaper. Dogs are whining, too. He let’s out dogs, checks M, reports dry diaper.
8:10 I’m groggy but awake. I pick M up, sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” to her, and take her to nursery.
8:11 Nurse, burp, rock M.
8:30 Think M is done. Hold her in my lap, tickle her toes, and play with her. Realize she’s still hungry.
8:34 Nurse M, post twitter update, hear trash truck & realize we did not take trash can to curb last night. Realize we must have missed the November recycling pickup, too, because today is December 1.
8:38 Holy moly, December 1?!? (Realize this is why I am tracking minutes.)
8:39 Chris checks on us and we talk about ways to celebrate that she is TWO MONTHS OLD!! He heads to his office.
8:43 Burp M. She falls asleep on my shoulder. Know I should put her down for a nap & start my day, but I would rather fall asleep in the chair with her.
8:48 Check Twitter
9:05 Chris comes in to check on us. We pray about direction & work projects.
9:08 Chris puts M in crib; I straighten nursery, start coffee, put dishes away.
9:15 Hear M fussing in her crib, but no crying.
9:23 Check on M. She’s awake & grumpy. Bring bouncer into kitchen, let Sydney out, put M in bouncer. Sing to her.
9:26 Mmm, French-pressed coffee.
9:27 M is asleep in the bouncer. I play Winter Songs by The Hotel Cafe on my iPhone. She smiles in her sleep.
9:32 M wakes up grumpy, I talk to her and try to make her smile.
9:36 Consider that today is a good day for quiche. Find great recipe on Epicurious, realize a great quiche takes a long time to make.
9:38 Verdict: Starbucks’ Christmas blend is NOT as good as Verona. Momentarily resent the barrista who sold me on trying it since they were out of Verona.
9:39 Very fussy M. Pick her up, attempt to keep putting dishes away, realize most of top rack is still dirty. Argh. Put less fussy M back in bouncer.
9:46 Keep working on dishes.
9:50 Eat one of Grandma Wilcox’s cookies. Finish unloading & reloading dishwasher. Wipe down counters.
10:12 Sort laundry, start load, tell myself to make the bed later.
10:24 Warm up coffee, pick up Mackenzie. Very patient baby!
10:25 Nurse M, finish coffee, check bank acct, scoff at inaccurate iPhone banking app, check email.
10:45 Finish nursing M, start client work. Mental note to check laundry in 15 min.
10:50 Check Twitter. Consider that I need to get a sleep sack for M.
10:50 Working
11:02 M makes a dirty diaper, Sydney is crying. I let Sydney out, put clothes in dryer. She paws to come in. I open door, she runs out, gets something, and drops it on laundry room threshold. I let out high-pitched gasp, she runs away. It’s a fully intact dead bird that appears to have been living moments before. I get Chris to help me deal with dead bird. I almost throw up.
11:10 I write bird story. Consider that Sydney has a “soft mouth” and would be a great hunting dog. You know, if we were hunters.
11:13 Change Mackenzie’s diaper. Get her dressed, set up tummy time, take pictures. Put her on her tummy, and she can totally hold her head up – yay! She starts fussing – weird b/c she usually loves tummy time. Pick her up to comfort her. She starts mouthing her hands.
11:27 Nurse Mackenzie.
11:32 Discuss lunch & dinner plans with Chris. Research crackpot chicken recipes.
11:42 Mackenzie is finished and is sleeping. Update Minutes.
11:46 Burp & rock sleeping Mackenzie.
11:48 Still thinking about dead bird. Remember we need white vinegar from the store. Call Chris & leave voicemail.
11:50 Still rocking M, even though she’s asleep. Check email.
11:53 Still rocking sleeping M while researching work problem. Consider that I would get nothing done without my iPhone. #thankful
11:54 Consider that I think in terms of hashtags now?! WTF?!?
11:55 Still rocking/researching.
11:58 Call back from Chris. He is done at store but will go back in and get the white vinegar. Appreciate him.
12:07 Respond to work email. M starts to wake up. I consider whether I’ve missed my window to put her down for a nap.
12:08 Hear garage door open. Attempt to put M in crib for lunchtime nap. She wakes up as I’m putting her down.
12:10 Rinse out M’s dirty diaper from earlier, pick things up, put chicken in microwave to thaw, put groceries away. Eat a few chips.
12:20 M cries. We pick her up, Chris puts her in bouncer. I help Chris with lunch.
12:29 M is asleep in bouncer. I keep shredding cheese, eat a lot of chips.
12:39 Put chicken in crackpot. Clean up, put chips away, drink Glass of juice, let dogs in, tell Chris I am going to get a shower.
12:50 Move M to crib so Sydney can’t lick her. Bird germs. Mackenzie wakes up, cries.
12:51 Pick M up, rock her.
12:54 M still fussing. Starts to cry.
12:55 Nurse Mackenzie.
12:56 Check email, research problem.
1:00 M finished, burp her.
1:02 M is still awake. Burp and rock her. Think about all the things I have to do today, feel so behind. Remind self it’s only 1:00.
1:07 Still rocking. M is fussy. Research work problem. Feel pool of spit up on my neck. Yuck. Wish for 2nd set of hands.
1:11 Chris comes in and offers to take M. Get her settled in bouncer with a pacifier.
1:18 Shower & dress self. Lunch in oven smells amazing.
1:52 Put diapers in washer. Hear M crying. Get lunch from stove & set up spot on couch.
2:00 Taste food. It has cayenne pepper in it. My mouth is on fire. Wonder why everything Chris cooks is spicy, why he does that when he knows I don’t like it, remember how long it took him to make, feel bad & decide not to say anything. Suddenly everything is frustrating.
2:05 Starving & decide to eat food anyway. Nursing M.
2:12 M falls asleep. Set her on boppy & wish I could take a nap, too. Attempt to ear super spicy hot food. Hungry & frustrated. Wonder why sandwiches aren’t good enough for lunch.
2:15 Re-read Minutes and consider not publishing after all.
2:17 Eat as quickly as I can. Check Twitter. M is awake. Take plate to kitchen, put lunch away, make 2nd cup of coffee, eat another cookie. Play with M and see how much I can make her smile. We decide she has baby super powers. The afternoon looks better already.
2:40 Chris asks about food. I tell him it was good but too spicy for me.
2:41 Nurse Mackenzie.
2:48 M falls asleep. Decide it’s probably not for real & try to burp her.
2:51 Check email.
2:56 M is asleep on my shoulder. Carefully set her in crib so I can check on diapers. She doesn’t wake up.
2:57 Put diapers on another cycle & let Annie out. Warm up coffee and set up laptop. Hear M wake up as I walk by door to let Sydney out.
3:02 M is awake. Pick her up, rock her, she falls asleep on my shoulder. Put her back in crib.
3:07 M is awake again. I put phone on charger & check again – now she’s very awake. Pick her up after a few minutes. She falls asleep on my shoulder.
3:18 Keep holding Mackenzie. Hands are tied up, so I catch up on a couple of blogs.
3:32 Chris comes in and asks me to review a web proposal. Holds and rocks M while I read it. He sets her back on boppy. We hold our breath and hope she doesn’t wake up right away.
3:45 Working. Coffee is now cold. I drink some anyway. Yuck.
3:47 Mackenzie is awake. I decide to check her diaper.
3:58 Nurse M. Try to work.
4:17 M is asleep on my lap.
4:30 Move M to crib. She wakes up. I go take trash out & get mail anyway.
4:40 Chris swaddles her. We watch her for a few minutes to see if it works.
4:50 M is wide awake. Put her on boppy next to me in living room.
4:54 Call friend & explain we aren’t going to small group tonight. I am worn out.
5:00 Nurse M. Check email.
5:16 Burp M.
5:20 Set up PS3 & turn on last night’s episode of Glee. Take coffee cup to kitchen. Turn on dishwasher. Check chicken. Unsure about it, turn off crockpot.
5:36 Mackenzie is fussy. Nurse M.
5:49 Attempted to burp M.
5:56 M spits up down my shirt. Decide now is as good a time as any for playtime.
6:04 M is not interested in playtime. Nurse her.
6:13 Get call from Chris – he’s running an errand then heading home.
6:17 M falls asleep. Move her to crib. Start picking up & putting away. She fusses. I pick her up & change her diaper. Realize we’re running low on clean diapers. Move M Back to crib. I put blankets away, move unfolded laundry to bed, let dogs out, bring clothes in, put diapers in dryer, bring dogs in, rinse out M’s last two diapers.
6:48 Chris home, M is still awake. Move M to bouncer in kitchen so I can make rice for dinner.
6:58 Chris takes M with him in LR. I sterilize bottles & do dishes.
7:26 Go into living room & find M laying on Chris’ lap. Move her to boppy & sit next to her.
7:36 M starts fussing. Chris entertains her while I put my plate away.
7:39 Nursing M. Burp, rock, nurse again. Watch Criminal Minds, check Twitter. Regret watching creepy TV.
9:00 M is asleep, but restless. Decide to put her in her crib so I can get diapers from dryer.
9:05 Bring diapers to nursery, see that M is wide awake. Finish laundry, let dogs out, bring them in. Check M’s diaper, it’s dry. Put her in a sleep sack and put her on bed on boppy while I fold laundry.
9:45 Nurse M. Burp her.
10:08 Move to nursery, Chris goes to bed. M is still hungry. Nurse her again.
10:25 M is asleep. I keep rocking her & finish blog post. Fall asleep while it is updating.
12:18 Wake up with M still asleep in my lap. Put her in crib and creep back to bed.

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  • Reply Megan December 2, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Well done. I need a nap every time I read these things. Happy two months!


  • Reply keli @ kidnapped by suburbia December 2, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    it will get better. i promise, the sleeping will start falling into a regular pattern, and the fussiness will get better. did you decide to try dairy free or no? i tried to sneak some in a few days ago and had a HORRIBLE day, so i guess i’ll be DF for a while. it has definitely helped lucy with her fussiness.

    also, have you tried swaddling before putting her down? like i swaddle lucy for EVERY nap or sleep in her crib, now. even if she falls asleep on the boob, i swaddle her and then rock her back to sleep – it has made a huge difference in the length of her naps.

    your day exhausted me, and i thought i had a fussy baby! 😉 the early days are hard, but you guys make a great team.


  • Leave a Reply to Megan Cancel Reply