Life Persists

February 7, 2011

I’ve spent the first week of February cleaning out our house in Conway, visiting my family, and wrapping up our buyers’ checklist.

Mackenzie and I had a successful road trip, just the two of us, and she was amazing. Incredible. I am so blessed to have such a sweet baby.

My brother Joel helped out with the house, and he and Mackenzie got to hang out for a bit. She met my mom and her Aunt Mandy and two of her cousins, too.

My sister Lea wins the award for favorite aunt, though – must be because she was there when Mackenzie was born. Or the twin thing. Who knows, but it’s love with those two.

The house stuff was stressful. It was so hard to see my home in such terrible condition. We had to rip out the carpets and treat the concrete slab and tile. So much repair work to do.

And the (formerly organic) garden was a mess. Our renter had treated it as his personal landfill. Break my heart.

But even with trash and snow piled on top of them, the plants in my herb garden were still fighting and growing. There were onions and shallots sprouting in two of the garden beds. Bulbs from my the daffodils my sister gave me were sprouting. And these pussy willows, planted for my mom, were standing tall — so strong and resilient. A beautiful reminder that life persists.

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