DIY Girl’s Hair Bow + Jewelry Organizer

December 29, 2013

I must have cabin fever, or maybe it’s just the post-holiday crush, because I’ve been on an organizing spree again. I have an ongoing list in Evernote of all of the little projects around the house that have been waiting to be done.

Managing the clutter that gathers on our dressers and countertops is an ongoing struggle. Particularly, Mackenzie’s ever growing stash of girly accoutrements, like jewelry, hair bows, and bracelets, needed a home.

I searched Pinterest and found tons of photos of DIY hair bow organizers. I liked this one the best and decided to try to make one myself out of items we already had on hand. I did run short on white spray paint and C-hooks, but other than that, this project didn’t cost a dime.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 ft 1x1s, cut into 4 sections
  • Nails or screws
  • White glossy spray paint
  • 8-10 C hooks, or 2 O hooks and 7 C hooks
  • 4-5 yards of ribbon

First, Mackenzie and I pulled the longest 1x1s we could find from Chris’s scrap pile. We fitted them together into a rectangle, and then he cut, nailed, and sanded them for us to make a frame. My frame ended up being 19 5/8 x 16 7/8 inches rectangular.

Then, I covered the frames in five thin costs of glossy white spray paint. I wanted the fullest coverage possible and used almost an entire can of paint.


I let the frame air outside for about 8 hours to allow the paint fumes to dissipate. After Mackenzie went to bed, I brought the frame inside and marked off five points on the back side of each long end for stapling the ribbon ends.

Then I stapled the ends into the frame, hammered them in securely as needed, and trimmed away the excess ribbon.




The final step is screwing in the C-hooks. I screwed the first few in by hand, and then Chris offered to pre-drill the rest for me. Much easier!



Screw two O-hooks if you have them, or C-hooks if not into the top bar, one on each corner end. Then, screw the remaining hooks into the bottom bar. I used five pieces of ribbon, so I aligned five hooks in the bar beneath them, and one hook at each end corner.



I hung this organizer up in Mackenzie’s bathroom, above the toilet, next to the sink. I added some mason jars on top of the commode lid to hold her extra hair ties, elastic bands, and clips. I may add a pretty tray if I can find one in the right size.


And that’s it! I can’t wait for her to see it tomorrow!


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